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 Helpfull websites

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PostSubject: Helpfull websites   Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:45 am

http://www.yatta.com.tw/mabinogi/items_spcolor.php <--- Rare colored items <3

Very Happy GO GO GO <3 it's hot and smexy :3

*cough* I want the light blue LLB <3 so hot <3

http://www.yatta.com.tw/mabinogi/items_flashdye.php <--- All the flashy
dye amps <3

http://www.yatta.com.tw/mabinogi/skills_table.php<-- this might help a lot of ppl on Ranking skills or how to get more HP, MP , STR , INT etc..

I'm sorry that all of the Links were messed up before ><;

*NOTE* If you use Google Chrome , It translates it all for you and you can check out all the items there in english * NOTE*
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Helpfull websites
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