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 I miss simple joys of Mabinogi

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I miss simple joys of Mabinogi Empty
PostSubject: I miss simple joys of Mabinogi   I miss simple joys of Mabinogi EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 6:59 pm

I miss playing my lute next to campfire infront of everyone.

I miss dying to a golem like 100000 times with a party of 8.

I miss not killing everything in 1-hit.

I miss not worrying about stupid upgrades.

I miss Arcana.

I miss Dreams.

I miss Arena.

I miss doing part time job to earn money.

I miss holy water farming.

I miss G-1 and how fucking hard it was.

I miss everything from G1 to G4.

Now Mabinogi is just another MMORPG that requires endless grinding to get the best gear in game... I miss the simply joy of Mabinogi and I will miss it forever.
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I miss simple joys of Mabinogi
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