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 Square-Enix's new Engine.

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Square-Enix's new Engine. Empty
PostSubject: Square-Enix's new Engine.   Square-Enix's new Engine. EmptySat Dec 03, 2011 4:35 pm

Not sure how many Final Fantasy fans there are here...but this is their new engine that is supposedly going to replace their current Crystal Tools engine that is used to make the Final Fantasy 13 franchise.

As always, they will be keeping their engines in-house only. No licensing these out to others.

Luminous Engine clip:

Square Enix's Luminous Studio is a multi-platform engine designed for HD game development, that can work with any hardware that supports programmable shaders. That means it's compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Since Wii and Nintendo 3DS do not have programmable shaders, Luminous Studio isn't compatible with those devices, but Yoshihisa Hashimoto says they are actively investigating how to support both platforms. Luminous Studio is also Direct X 11 compatible.

Square Enix is aiming to have advanced artificial intelligence built into Luminous Studio. Past artificial intelligence loops are reactive, Yoichiro Miyake lead AI research says, and he wants to make Luminous Studio have scalable AI that recognizes game scenes. For example, they can tie the level editor in the with the AI tool so the game has an idea about the layout and can hunt hiding players in one type of game. If this process works, the AI tool can be used for multiple game genres. Miyake is aiming to have the AI tool cooperate with other parts of the engine instead of being stand alone.

Right now, Luminous Studio isn't attached to any upcoming title. Square Enix plan to show a full tech demo in 2012.

For now, Square Enix has provided a short test sample. We'll see more from their new engine when they demo it properly in 2012.






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Square-Enix's new Engine.
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