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 Application Requirements

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PostSubject: Application Requirements   Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:42 am

Application Requirements
The following information was updated on October 27, 2011 by Lamm. Information provided is subjected to change.

Ask not what Dreams can do for you, but what you can do for Dreams.
Dreams is a guild full of members who share, give to each other, and often does not ask for return favors. What we have may make others envious, jealous, or even resent and hate us. If you think you fit in our family, please follow the following guide line and apply through our forums.

1. Quick Information
2.Application Requirement
3.Application Template

1. Quick information:

  • All account names must reflect the user's main Mabinogi in-game character.
  • Automated user activation for our forums have been turned off. You must notify Angelea or Lamm to inform the Administrator to manually activate your forum account to gain access to our variety of sub-forums.
  • Not Reading = Fail, application denied. Meaning no re-tries and additional 30 days wait for your next application.
  • During the application process, your topic will be reviewed for up to 7 days before a final decision is made.

2. Application Requirements
  • We're looking for friendly people.
  • There is a level requirement of 1,000+. If your levels per RB is low then we may ask you to come up with a Ciar adv for 8.
    The reason there is this level requirement is because we are a guild who does dungeons/SM/other events together. If you are too low of a level then you will be having a really hard time keeping up with us.
  • You must have 2 References, and you will need their permission in order to place them as a reference. If you were not granted permission then you will be Denied.
  • In order to use someone as a reference they must be in the guild for at least 3 months.
  • If you are required to run the dungeon you will be responsible for coming up with the pass and to be prepared with whatever supplies are needed. The only thing that we will be supplied for you are feathers in case if you die.
    You will be judged in the dungeon based on you skills, tactics, deaths, and the time that it takes for you to finish.
    Note*: If you have been selected for a trial dungeon run, you must provide the dungeon pass within 7 days for your application to be valid. If 7 days has passed and you still have not obtained the pass, your application WILL be voided without question. A senior member will notify you in game if you're selected for a trial run.
  • You have to be able to handle sarcasm.
  • Your application will be concluded when an ADMIN/Moderator states "Application Approved" or "Application Denied". You will know it's an ADMIN/Moderator after the thread is locked. Until then, be patient and good luck! All decisions maybe final. There are a few incident where we changed our minds at the last minute. Of course we will notify you in game if the status is changed.
  • If your application has been denied. The earliest you can re-apply is 30 days of your last application. If you're denied more then 3 times, we suggestion you look into another guild.
  • And remember first impression means everything

3. Application Template
Quote :

- In-Game Name :

- Your real name or age (Optional) :

- Total Level and # of rebirths. Snap shot of your rebirth information is required, please make the maximum size of the snapshot 800x600 so it will not stretch that thread:

- How active are you in game?:

- Joined any previous guilds? If yes, which one(s) and why are you looking for another guild? (You must list all your previous guild(s) - we will conduct a thorough research. If you're in another guild at the moment. Please state what's your current guild on your application :

- Why Dreams? (There are many guilds on Tarlach, but why us?) :

- Who has referred you? The person who referred you must post in your application as recommendation :

- How long have you been playing? :

- What kind of skills/accomplishment do you have? :

- Any other information you would like for us to know :

Note*: If you say, "I hear good things about Dreams, I Heard Dreams is a friendly guild". "It's a close knit guild" Reason such as these will not do. Please give an example/reason.

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Application Requirements
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